Planning holidays in different countrys always interesting to know about prices. Some people asking their friends, who had already been there, some searching in enternet and etc.

So we will try to describe all prices you may need for holidays in Batumi in details, and if we forget anything ask your questiones in comments we will answer.


Housing price is the general question in planning each holiday and ,of  course, budget. You’ll have a choice in batumi, because here are a lot of different hotels and hostels, also you can rent apartment.

Prices in hotels starts from 60 to 450 GEL (lari, georgian valute) per day. It depends on what kind of hotel it is, were is situated, is it full or not and of course depends on conditions.

To rent an apartment will be cost 40-100 GEL per day, also depends on conditions. And in the beginning of the season sure  you can find on low price.

Actually Batumi is a small city, so all listed above will take max 15 minutes walking to the sea or the centre. So, there is no need to walk far.

отели в  Батуми 01


The next stage is – tickets, because here are no all inclusive permits, you’ll have to buy  them by yourself. Georgia has 3 airports: in Tbilisi(365km to  batumi), in Kutaisi(140 km to Batumi) and in Batumi(11 km to the centre of the city). From the airports you can get the city by minibuses, or by train from Tbilisi,which tickets cost 20-25 GEL, minibuses cost 20 GEL, minibus from Kutaisi to Batumi cost 18 Gel,but if you take it in two ways from the airport you’ll be given 20% discount.

From  Batumi Airport easy to get by taxi, which cost 15 Gel or by bus, which cost 40 tetri (georgian cents) and moves straight from the airport entrance.

Taxi starts from 30 Tetri and in the city it gets till 5 Gel, suburbs till 15 Gel.

такси в  Батуми 01


If you don’t have cheap rouming on your phone you’ll need local mobile card. Its price is 5 Gel.


Unforunately, the only meal in local hotels is breakfast. Of course, here are cafes  next to some hotels  ,but why stay in one place, it will be better to walk through the city and to find nice places with georgian cuisine.

The prices in restaurants and cafes almost the same. In every place lunch or dinner with meat and wine will cost 15-20 Gel, snack with  salad or khinkali with beer 10 Gel. Not expensive wright, especially for resort. That’s why tourists and campers don’t waste time for making food.

But if you stay in apartment and want to make something go to the market or supermarket.With 100 Gel you will full your refregerator for a week. In the end of the topic you’ll find prices for some products. We hope it will be enough to plan the budget.

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For the last let’s talk about the most interesting thing- about entertainment. The most popular place among the tourists is Botanical Garden. Tickets cost 6 Gel, not cheap but its worth it. About Botanical garden you can read in….

Visit also Batum’s dolphinarium. One hour show costs 12 Gel, for 150 Gel you can swim 15 minutes with dolphins.

Don’t miss an opportunity to ride on the longest ropeway in Europe and see the beauty of the city. It costs only 5 Gel for two ways.

To spend a day in waterworld last summer cost 25Gel, but promotions and discounts take place very often, so you may get lucky. Actually Waterworld in Batumi isn’t very big, but to visit a variety of recreation and worth it, especially if you are with kids.

The most important thing is that all the beaches here are free,that’s why you can spend your money for another interesting things. Being at sea ride on ship or boat , a  half-hour walking tour price is 10Gel. Personal watercraft for 10 person will cost 50 Gel(30 minutes).

Fans of extreme sports like parasailing, five-minutes pleasure costs 50Gel per person. For divers an excursion for the sunken ship near the Sarpi coast. Price without instructor 60 Gel, with instructor 80. Also have fun on banana- 10 Gel a big circle, scooter 5 Gel for one min., matress and tablet 20 gel per person.


All another entertainments like zoo,terrarium, Ferris wheel, a trampoline, fortress and museums aren’t expensive – 1-3 Gel. Circus and theatre tickets  8-10 Gel. So don’t skimp on art and joy.

Well, I think we wrote all the prices to stay in Batumi, so waiting for your questiones and comments.


All prices are in Gel (lari) (use the currency converter to convert the price of your money):

  • Bread – 0,5-1
  • Borjomi (mineral water) – 0,80-1
  • Butter – 2-3
  • Georgian lemonade – 1,50
  • Milk – 3
  • Coffee 100gr – 6-9
  • Sourcream – 2,60
  • Tea – 2-3
  • Yogurt – 2,50
  • Oatmeal — 2
  • Curd – 2
  • Spaghetti – 1-2,4
  • Mayonaise – 1,5-2
  • Buckweat – 1,8
  • Oil – 3,50
  • Rice — 2
  • Water 1,5l – 1
  • Sugar – 1,3
  • Salt – 0,60
  • Hotdogs  — 10
  • Sausages – 8-14
  • Georgian cheese “Imeruli” – 7
  • Meat (pork, beef) – 12-18
  • Eggs – 2
  • Fruits and vegetables – 1-3 per kg
  • Khachapuri – 1,6
  • Shawarma -5 (big one)
  • Chocolate – 2
  • Pastrys -0,85-2
  • Wine (draft) – 4-9
  • Beer 0,5 l – 2
  • Vodka – 10 (0,5l)


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