16 Reasons to Visit Batumi

We will tell you about more reasons, except sea sun and palms to visit Batumi.

1. Visa is free – this is a big plus, especially in no planned vacation, because to come to Batumi you only need your foreign passport. No any problems with visa.

2. Too easy and simple to get here. A lot of straight airlines to Batumi and airport are in 12 km from the city.

3.  Adequate prices: we all know what prices in resorts, but in Batumi restaurants, taxi and entertainment are very acceptable.

4. Long season – it starts in May and finishes in the end of October. Summer is moderately hot with high damp air and warm sea till 25C and autumn is famous for its soft season.

Отдых в Батуми

5. Natural wealth – subtropics, sea, amazing mountains, lakes and cascades, palms and coniferous forests make special attractiveness to Ajara. All these you will see visiting Batumi.

6. The long Batumi coasts – Batumi beach is pebble, but its known as wide (30-40 m) and long (7 km). Places are enough for everyone. Sunburst will be smooth and gold.

7. Georgian wine – famous in all over the world for its quality and taste. Indigenous people drink it too much, that’s why in countries almost each second family making app. 2 tones home wine a year for their relatives and friends. Tourists can also taste it in special wine shops or Ajarian Wine House.

8. Is something to see: here never boring, you will always find where to go and what to see, because here in Batumi a plenty of interesting places. Amazing places – Botanical garden, dolphin centre, dancing fountains, Piazza square, old Batumi and of course famous Batumi Boulevard.

Отдых в Батуми

9. Georgian hospitality. I guess everyone heard about. People here always glad for the guests. They are meeting them with smile and warm. Always asking where you are from, likes to talk about their selves, about their impressions and if they like you they will invite to the tableful.

10. National cuisine – it’s exquisite, it’s hot and spicy, known with its sauces, pickles and of course their khinkali and Ajarian khachapuri.

11. Lights in Batumi. Day and night Batumi it’s two different cities. At night city is changed and become bright. All the streets, houses and palms are in light, which makes the city enigmatic and romantic.

12. Everything for the pleasant holidays. Clean and green streets, well-kept shrubs and palms, flowers and lawns, parks for the kids and free trainers, comfortable planned streets make Batumi nice, bright and perfect.

Отдых в Батуми

13. Historical places – here are o lot of historical places, because Ajara  is centuries-old country. Sure during the vacation you will not visit all of them, but several, most interesting, worth it: queen Tamara bridges, fortress Gonium, lake Nurigeli, Borjomi, St. Nicolay’s church, Cathedral, History museum and museum of art. Also famous cascade Makhunceti, black beach in Urekhi, monument to St. Andrew, Ajarian Wine House, museum of Stalin, city of love – Signagi, fortress of lord and Georgian kings tomb, the cave of Sataplious, Prometheus, Vardzious and the others.

14. Architecture. Conjunction of original modern and historical architecture of different centuries makes the city unique unrepeatable charm.

15. Safety. Batumi is one of the most safety cities, where you can walk anytime you want and not worry. Police always near, there’s no need to notice them. They will and besides there are cameras almost everywhere keeping track of order and peace.

16. Turkish neighbors – don’t lose an opportunity to visit another country being in one, besides you can upgrade your wardrobe not expensively.

This all worth to visit Batumi!!!!!

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