Holidays in Batumi

Drop all and leave for Batumi for holidays!!!!!

Fans of active or passive holidays will find here their places and joy.

HOLIDAYS!  For active people a lot of interests: mountains’ rivers and cascades, museums, sightseeing, boulevard, old Batumi, modern architecture, churches, historical places and etc.

For fans of passive rest and lazy people as usual – sunbathe and relax at noon, and in the evenings walk and have fun. A lot of places for all of this like cafes, discos, bars, clubs which are rising like mushrooms after the rain in summer time, or national-standard restaurants in country-wood style, with live music and dances.

Пар чудес в Батуми

BEACHES!  All the beaches are different here. So you can choose: Kobuleti, Sarpi, Urekhi, Cvariati  and  Green Cape long beach (local).

Who prefers clear water – please Sarpy  beach, who likes sand – the coast in Ureki. Sand is black here, magnetic and healing. Who wants comfort I’ll advice them central coast “Long Beach” in front of the hotel “Sheraton”, where cafes, showers and cloakrooms are too close to you.

If you prefer silence and solitude, if you don’t like noise you may walk to left from central beach and find a quiet place with small pebbles. It will be easy because Batumi beach is too wide (30 m) and long (7 km). Yes it is all in pebble, but it’s free, besides only for two GEL you can get deck chairs everywhere.

Пляж в Батуми. Фото

FOOD!  You will find a lot of restaurants here. Prices are good, not expensive. Tasting something Georgian don’t forget that their cuisine is hot and spicy. Anyway taste their famous sauces and snacks.

Don’t forget to estimate their Ajarian  khachapuri – national pie with cheese and eggs, which looks like a boat. Everyone likes it. You will also like. And of course Georgian Wine and Chacha indispensable thing on Georgian table.

еда в  Батуми 01

HOUSING!  What can I say? This is not a problem. All depends on your preferences. City full of small family hotels and guest houses, sorry, but with minimal hotel service. If you need close to the sea and with more comfort it will cost 50-100$ per day, a little bit simple 30$.

So holidays in Batumi are interesting. Just come, have a rest and relax.

We are waiting for your comments and questions!

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